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The Boyd family’s roots run deep in the agriculture industry, and today farming still plays a fundamental role in the Boyd and Sons operation.

Steve wedded Karen in 1970 and started making plans for a family of their own. Steve has been farming all his life. From his early years of farming alongside his father to the late 70’s when Steve and Karen began their own farming operation. Over the next 40 plus years the farming operation would grow as well as the Boyd family.

If you were to drop in on the Boyd family today you would find not only a very first-class farming operation, but also one of the most welcoming families in southwestern Indiana. The farming operation now includes Steve and Karen, son Greg and his wife Jennifer. Whom live nearby with three sons Austin, Alex, and Aiden.
Steve, Karen, Greg and Jennifer, along with the help of some outstanding employees, farm several thousands of acres throughout southwestern Indiana growing corn and soybeans. From the spring planting season to the harvest in the fall all operations are handled with up to date equipment. The family farm is outfitted with a state of the art grain facility. Much of the grain produced by Boyd and Sons Farms are sold to businesses in nearby communities, and assists in the establishment of employment opportunities for residents of many southwestern Indiana.